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Best-in-class English language editing for technical and academic writing

Whether you are submitting a 500-word abstract or a 30,000-word grant application, our editing team specializes in language polishing and will carefully correct any errors in grammar, punctuation, consistency, spelling, and word choice.

Your paper will be matched by subject area to a US-trained editor with an advanced degree, ensuring the correct use of field-specific terminology in clear and accurate English.

After our work is completed, the language in your paper will be of publication quality. We stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will support you throughout the publication process with unparalleled customer service.

Service options

Englishgo provides two types of English Editing service:Basic Editing and Senior Editing

Basic Editing Senior Editing
According to your research field, you will be carefully selected for your PhD or PhD candidate, proofread by native speakers Yes Yes
Detailed language check: spelling, grammar, sentence structure and terminology Yes Yes
Delete words No more than 10% No more than 20%
Language proofreading Certificate Issue an Englishgo Basic Editing certificate Issue an Englishgo Senior Editing certificate
Make your original wording more professional Yes Yes
If the manuscript is rejected due to language, it will be proofread or refunded free of charge Yes Yes
Focus more on content logic, structure and coherence Yes
Arrange manuscripts according to journal requirements Yes
References are checked for consistency, completeness and structure and edited Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Language Editing Services?

Once you finish your manuscript, it is important to have someone experienced in the field, and a native-English speaker, to review your work. This will increase the chances of your work getting published.

Will I get an English Editing certificate?

Yes, a language editing certificate is always provided for our editing services.

What file types do you accept for English editing?

At present, we accept DOC, DOCX (Microsoft Word) formats. English editing in MS Word is performed using Word’s Track Changes feature.

What kind of professional background do your editors have?

We attach great importance to expertise in all subject areas. Our editorial team includes doctors, PHDS, MD’s, graduate students, and even journal peer reviewers. More than 60% of our manuscript editors have a research background.

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On the recommendation of a friend, I chose Englishgo. Fortunately, a minor repair made my thesis successfully accepted. It’s not just to modify the grammar, but also to make advanced polishing. Without changing the meaning of the original sentence, I modified the sentence structure, which also taught me a lot.When it comes to professional, expert, quality editing, I highly recommend

Englishgo is a very professional language editing service. My English writing ability is insufficient, I can’t express my intentions, and there are some grammatical errors. According to my partner’s recommend , I chose Englishgo, which was very smooth after the submission. The reviewers and editors did not question the language expression problem.  Here, I deeply expressed Grateful for Englishgo!

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