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Services include: English Editing, Formatting Services, Figures Services, Similarity Check, Academic Translation, and Custom Illustration.

Please complete an order form (brief us with your service requirements) before submitting your manuscript. Depending on the service chosen, files need to be provided in different formats, but we can handle many other file types as well. If you have special requirements or any questions, you can contact us: services@englishgo.net

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On the recommendation of a friend, I chose Englishgo. Fortunately, a minor repair made my thesis successfully accepted. It’s not just to modify the grammar, but also to make advanced polishing. Without changing the meaning of the original sentence, I modified the sentence structure, which also taught me a lot.When it comes to professional, expert, quality editing, I highly recommend

Englishgo is a very professional language editing service. My English writing ability is insufficient, I can’t express my intentions, and there are some grammatical errors. According to my partner’s recommend , I chose Englishgo, which was very smooth after the submission. The reviewers and editors did not question the language expression problem.  Here, I deeply expressed Grateful for Englishgo!

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