Customer Testimonials

Yan (China)

As a clinical general surgeon, I have no experience in writing articles for original research, so I wrote it into a dissertation. Because my native language is not English, there are some language difficulties. I chose the standard editing and polishing service, and the quality of the manuscript after editing Very high, all of which are recognized and accepted by the editor of the magazine, and no language modification is required.

Rumble (United States)

With the help of Englishgo, I successfully published my first SCI, which solved the language problem that the editor kept correcting me. I will recommend it to others in the future.


On the recommendation of a friend, I chose Englishgo. Fortunately, a minor repair made my thesis successfully accepted. It’s not just to modify the grammar, but also to make advanced polishing. Without changing the meaning of the original sentence, I modified the sentence structure, which also taught me a lot.When it comes to professional, expert, quality editing, I highly recommend



Englishgo is a very professional language editing service. My English writing ability is insufficient, I can’t express my intentions, and there are some grammatical errors. According to my partner’s recommend , I chose Englishgo, which was very smooth after the submission. The reviewers and editors did not question the language expression problem.  Here, I deeply expressed Grateful for Englishgo!


Hee Cheul (Korean)

Englishgo are doing an excellent work. Lately we had papers accepted in highly competitive journals, and all of them had the Englishgo editing before. We strongly recommend AJE.



Thank you very much Englishgo, my first SCI article was successfully accepted with the help of Englishgo. After the first editing and submission, the magazine rejected the manuscript for other reasons, and the second time I re-submitted to another magazine, Englishgo helped me with free editing and was successfully accepted in a very short time. Thank you very much. So, I really appreciate Englishgo, and will continue to use it, with high efficiency and good service.

Amelia (Australia)

The first time I finished the experiment and wrote a sci article, the reviewer pointed out a lot of language deficiencies, including tenses, verbs, and also pointed out a lot of awkward sentences. The editor of Englishgo helped me revise my article without changing the original meaning. Because there are many problems in the article, I have communicated with the editor many times, and they have responded to me patiently. Through this collaboration, I have learned a lot. Thank Englishgo

Sophia (German)

I have submitted my article to the national league of nursing and I was proud of the editing job. I received the job back in a timely manner and the suggestions were easy correct and extremely helpful. I will be using this service on a regular basis.