• Have completed or are pursuing a master’s, doctoral or MD degree.
  • Have the background of top universities or research institutions (or have professional quality after-sales guarantee).
  • Have undergone extensive editorial training and are subject to ongoing quality review.
  • Have completed a large number of high-level article writing and polishing in their respective fields.
Basic editing includes correcting any spelling, grammar, punctuation, or word usage errors, but your editing does not improve the style or fluency of your manuscript.

Senior editing, our editors correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and word usage errors, while improving sentences that sound distorted or unnatural.

The englishgo Certificate of Editing is a PDF certificate that you can provide to the journal when you submit your manuscript. This certificate confirms that your manuscript has been edited by a native English speaker and is ready for journal delivery, provided that all proposed changes have been implemented in the manuscript. It gives journal editors confidence that the English wording in your manuscript has been reviewed and confirmed.

If you make minor changes, you can email the questions to us at services@englishgo.net .Once we receive your questions, we provide you with the deadline for the editor’s response.

If you need to add new content or to rewrite sections, we strongly recommend that you opt for re-editing support.

Our formatting experts check each manuscript against your journal style guide. They will adjust citations, references, and document layout to the correct conventions. Figures and tables are moved to the correct location in the manuscript, and figure titles and legends will be standardized according to the regulations of the journal of your choice.

Yes, we will correct the references you cite for accuracy based on the information in the published database. We also format them to comply with journal guidelines and check the order of your citations and references.

No, we cannot format equations.

1.Payment with Credit Card:

Payment by Credit Card is the preferred payment method. Please click Credit Card and follow the instructions to pay by credit card. We accept Credit Card payments in USD and SGD through VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

2. We also support Bank Transfer, PayPal.

Yes, we do. Typically, we usually offer discounts on orders of large volume. 

In addition to the services purchased, your invoice will contain the billing address you enter when you submit your order, the order date, your manuscript name, and receipt code. Our support team can customize your invoice for you if you need to add any additional information.

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U.S. Dollar

Through graphic format processing, we will provide you with graphic files to be published. Your graphics will be set to the correct size, resolution and layout to meet the requirements of your chosen journal.

Yes. Our graphic formatting service formats tables to meet journal submission standards, which often require tables to be submitted in text format. In addition, our service formats and outputs your forms as images for presentations and posters.

Please provide your table as an editable Excel or Word file.

For images, we will set them to the correct size, resolution and layout to meet the requirements of your chosen journal. For ethical reasons, we cannot make adjustments to brightness, contrast and white balance, and we do not crop images.

Please provide the highest resolution original image file.

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